Oh how I wish I was referring to my internet IP address, lol. (Okay that was the most lamest and inappropriate joke everr!)

I haven’t posted in a few day because after my appointments and being weighed they recommended that I do IP because I guess I haven’t gained anything significant since my recent lowest weight. :(

Since I am under 18 it’s not up to me so I am leaving tomorrow. I really just want to run away and hide but I know that is not a solution to anything. I know IP helps many people but I highly doubt it is going to. One can only hope though, right?! Hopefully everything will work out in my life.

So until I get out of IP/healthier, bye! I hope anyone reading this has a wonderful day and is enjoying their life to the fullest! I’ve enjoyed reading everyone’s blogs and actually talking to a few girls. (Even though I barely blogged much so far, haha)

Becca xx

Taken from a lighthouse in Florida.



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5 responses to “IP…

  1. I am soo proud of you girlie!! Best of luck in IP! Make sure to go in with an open mind and you will do great

  2. fi

    Go and do what u need to do, itll be worth it, i wish u happiness and joy, fi

  3. Hey,
    I’m in the same situation as you pretty much literally.
    I’d love to speak to you sometime.
    Hope things go okay x

  4. I’m shocked to hear this Becca, and also sad, but so, SO proud of you for doing what’s right. I hope you get well sooner than later and that you’re back home in a few days.

    Take care, I’ll be keeping you in my thoughts!
    I’ll miss you!
    Paola <3

  5. Sarah

    I have never commented you before but love your blog. Best of luck to you! Take this time to concentrate on yourself…you’re worth it!

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